Posted in August 2010


I was at a family gathering today, and one of my cousins came up to me complaining that I had no blog entry about what to do for bread when you are single (she’s not single, but currently her husband is the only person not on the no carb kick). She mentioned that he only … Continue reading

Summery skillet

There is something about this time of year when you walk into a grocery store and see basket after basket of locally grown produce. Something about vegetables that have minor imperfections, and even dirt on them that makes them feel more real than the wax covered stuff that is around throughout the winter. Today was … Continue reading

Food alternatives

I had an interesting conversation this week – anyone that knows me knows that I am allergic to EVERYTHING, and then because of some different medical issues, have to limit my diet even more…the recipes are some of my favourites, but, many of them I can no longer eat. It is frustrating to say the … Continue reading

Find of the week!

One of the things that I rarely get a chance to make and eat anymore is squash. Sure it comes close with summer squashes like zucchini, but sometimes, you just want something more squash like. Today, I found a new love in patty pan squash. It is like a single serving squash! Wonderful taste – … Continue reading

But i don’t want to cook…

I’ve personally said this one more than once. You are tired, have a headache, or just plan too lazy one day to do something for dinner. I’ve even had days when the thought of figuring out which type of take out food I want and calling to order it is just not worth the bother. … Continue reading

Left overs from eating out:

Eating out is a great way to make sure that you eat something balanced – even if you don’t take my advice and you have been eating cereal at dinner time for days on end – eating out can create two days worth of balanced meals easily. I have two dishes that work really well … Continue reading

vegetables as a side dish

If you have taken time to browse through some of my recipes, you will notice that many of them incorporate veggies, beans, pasta etc into one dish – very rarely will I suggest side dishes and the reason is a simple one – vegetable shopping for one is a chore! Not only because many things … Continue reading

fridge clean out day

By the time that Sunday rolls around my fridge is looking pretty pathetic. Small end pieces of cucumbers, a small cube of cheese, the very end of a bag of ready made salad mix, a mushroom or two, and maybe some left over chicken or some other meat. In the past, Sunday use to be … Continue reading

Brunch for one

Although the plate of fruit above would make an amazing breakfast – there are days when you just really have a craving for something like pancakes. But here lies the problem – recipe that makes enough pancakes for four people…ok 1/4 the flour, 1/4 the milk, 1/4 the baking powder….ummm…how to 1/4 an egg? There … Continue reading

Ice cube trays – not just for ice

A couple years ago, this slight craze in the food world happened when people started talking about how great it was to use an ice cube tray to freeze pesto. At the time, I thought, really – who makes that much pesto? Since then, I’ve realized that the concept of using ice cube trays was … Continue reading