Coming home late

It happens to all of us, we plan on getting home at a certain, planned on a certain dinner, but it doesn’t work out. Tonight was such a night for me. There are two choices when that happens. The first being that you make whatever you planned and just eat it later (my choice tonight) and the second is to re-plan what you are making. The choice really should be based on what you planned in the first place – food that is spicy, greasy, or just generally rich are typically not your best bets after 8pm (trust me, you will feel gross and really regret it). So what choices do you have on those nights if you are trying to avoid the old standby of cereal? In recent months tuna has become my go to food. Not so much tuna salad sandwiches, but tuna as a protein source in something else. some of my favourites include things as simple as adding tuna to Kraft Dinner (not the healthiest of choices, but in a pinch, it works) or adding tuna to a can of kidney beans, add a little olive oil, lemon juice, and maybe a green onion, and you have a really nice summery salad that is really high in protein and fibre.
This type of day is also a great time to use up left overs that you threw in the freezer. Cooked chicken is a great staple to keep around – especially if you ever roast a whole chicken – just throw the meat into the freezer. So things to do with it? Have a rice cooker? Add the frozen chicken into the rice cooker, with the rice, some chicken broth, and some curry powder – yes you might have to wait 20 minutes (go get a shower – it’s not like you need to watch a rice cooker – and chances are if you are late getting in – you need to relax anyways). What about frozen veggies? Add frozen veggies and the chicken to a pan and make some sort of a stir fry (even chicken with green peas tastes good if you are tired).
So my point is, no matter how tired you are, there are things you can make easily to avoid the cereal trap.


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