Ice cube trays – not just for ice

A couple years ago, this slight craze in the food world happened when people started talking about how great it was to use an ice cube tray to freeze pesto. At the time, I thought, really – who makes that much pesto? Since then, I’ve realized that the concept of using ice cube trays was brilliant, even if I was not going to be making tons of pesto.
Many of my recipes involved chicken broth and single serving chicken broth just really does not exist. In my freezer you will find a ziplock bag full of chicken broth cubes – just pour in whatever is left in the tetra box/can/whatever and freeze over night – the next day – simple stick them in the bag until you need them.
Have a craving for indian food but barely used even half the jar of sauce? into the ice cube tray it goes! Same goes for pasta sauce.
The one tip I have – LABEL THE BAGS – after about a week – everything looks the same – and it’s really not good if you accidentally add left over vindaloo sauce to your penne (although, maybe it is).
Now, back to pesto, it is actually really simple to make (who would have known) and if you do want to make it from scratch, and there is just one of you, you may end up with extra. So, to make it you will need, fresh basil (look for the smallest bunch – or grow your own in a pot), 1-2 cloves of garlic, enough oil olive that it covers the basil leaves half way up whatever you are blending it in, and a small handful of some sort of toast nut/seed (you can leave it out if there are allergies). Blend everything together and use it on pasta, to marinade chicken, in rice, or some other grain (pearl barely worked out nicely for me). One tip – add parmesan cheese when you are serving – when you freeze it it gets a weird texture – and really, who doesn’t love sprinkling cheese on at the table anyways.
I own 4 ice cube trays – and the last time I had someone over and they asked for ice, none.


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