Brunch for one

Although the plate of fruit above would make an amazing breakfast – there are days when you just really have a craving for something like pancakes. But here lies the problem – recipe that makes enough pancakes for four people…ok 1/4 the flour, 1/4 the milk, 1/4 the baking powder….ummm…how to 1/4 an egg? There are two options that one has. First, buy a box of the just add water type – it takes a little playing around to figure out how much water vs powder to use – but it’s easy. Second (and one of my new favourite Saturday morning treats) is to make pancakes without eggs! I know, i never would have thought this possible – but I’ve done it, and they taste good! So here’s what to do:
Mix all these dry ingredients together
– 1/3 cup of flour
– 1tbsp of sugar
– 1 tbsp of rolled oats/oatmeal (fibre is important)
– 1/2 tbsp of baking powder
– sprinkle of salt
– sprinkle of cinnamon
Separate bowl mix together the wet
– 1/4 – 1/2 a cup of milk (depends on the the time of year and how you like your pancakes – less milk=more fluffy)
– 1 tsp of vanilla extract
– 2 tbsp of ricotta cheese (or just a big spoonful)
– 1/2 tbsp of olive or canola oil

Once everything in both bowls is mixed together – add the wet to the dry and stir until most of the big lumps are gone (the ricotta will leave little lumps, but it is ok). Heat a pan to medium (use a cast iron pan if you have it) pour half the mix into the pan – wait for a couple bubbles to come through and then flip – leave the second side for about 2 minutes then plate. Repeat with the remaining mix. Serve with maple syrup, blueberries, chocolate chips, nuts or anything else you can think of.


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