vegetables as a side dish

If you have taken time to browse through some of my recipes, you will notice that many of them incorporate veggies, beans, pasta etc into one dish – very rarely will I suggest side dishes and the reason is a simple one – vegetable shopping for one is a chore! Not only because many things these days are pre-bunched or pre-packaged, but also because there is a lure to buy that whole bag of potatoes or bag of corn on the cob for $2.99 because it simply sounds like such a better deal than buying 2-3 each for $2…but take it from me, not only do potatoes grow eyes that peer out the bag at you screaming “cook me!” but after a while – they will liquify into a smelly mess (don’t forget that both potatoes and corn can make alcohol – so think smell of alcohol mixed with rotting-moldiness…it just isn’t pretty)
So what to do? Change your mind set – think in terms of use – not in terms of value and change ideas on what you want to buy. Green beans are a good option – if you wanted to, you could just buy one (the check out person will give you looks – but you could if you wanted to). The other option that i’ve mentioned before is using the salad bar – yes it is more expensive, but AGAIN you will end up spending the same amount if you throw out more than half that head of broccoli.
Frozen? it works – the one tip I have for frozen veggies – DO NOT BUY MORE THAN 1-2 AT A TIME. Frozen veggies are a great idea, but after a while they freeze into this rock hard clump that will taste more like freezer than the vegetable that they are suppose to be.
Side dish veggies can be done – just change how you buy – and how you think.


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