Left overs from eating out:

Eating out is a great way to make sure that you eat something balanced – even if you don’t take my advice and you have been eating cereal at dinner time for days on end – eating out can create two days worth of balanced meals easily.
I have two dishes that work really well if you have left over meat – the first is in the beans and lentils section of my page – the chicken, black bean, corn dish (any left over chicken works) and the second is making a wrap from either left over steak or chicken. There are many different variations on this idea – but two stand out as my favs. First is a cold wrap – mixed with spinach and cheese. I usually change up the cheese depending on if it was chicken or beef or even pork. Chicken really works with goat cheese, beef either with a cheddar or a pepper-jack cheese, and pork goes well with gouda. It is your simple every day wrap, put in meat, spinach, and cheese of choice, and wrap it up. Nothing special – but great for left overs. The second is a hot wrap that involve re-inventing the food a little bit. It is a way to make fajita’s in a cheating-type way. Basically, you take whatever meat you have left over, add to a hot pan (about medium heat) add in some salsa, chopped up peppers and onions (or whatever veggie you might have in the fridge) then put in a wrap.
Both of these are really simple, but great ways to make one meal you didn’t have to cook into a second that you barely have to.


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