But i don’t want to cook…

I’ve personally said this one more than once. You are tired, have a headache, or just plan too lazy one day to do something for dinner. I’ve even had days when the thought of figuring out which type of take out food I want and calling to order it is just not worth the bother. One such day recently, I couldn’t even do the cereal thing because I realized that I had no milk.
So what to do on days like this (and you realize that claiming you had a big lunch and should just skip dinner is not really an option)? You can take my advice of previous days, figure out what you have as left overs and just mix things up (tonight I took spinach, put some left over black bean tex-mex stuff, added my new favourite hot sauce (Tabasco Chipotle) and it was seriously amazing). But if even that is too much why not consider pita, with hummus and some cucumber? or cheese and crackers? peanut butter and toast?
The one tip that has got me through days when you just can’t really be bothered…think snack, on a big scale.


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