I was at a family gathering today, and one of my cousins came up to me complaining that I had no blog entry about what to do for bread when you are single (she’s not single, but currently her husband is the only person not on the no carb kick). She mentioned that he only goes through half a loaf in a week, and she finds herself throwing out the other half a loaf either because it has gone stale or mouldy. My comment to her was, “why don’t you just freeze half”. Apparently, this does not occur to everyone as an option, but let me tell you – it is rare that i don’t have my bread frozen. (and as a side note – no it does not get all soggy – freezers are actually really dry places – if there is no moisture in things you freeze – it will not create it when you defrost)
Depending on the loaf, and how fast you go through it, and how you use it, there are differing amounts that you want to freeze. For instance, i you use your bread mostly for toast in the morning, freeze the whole thing (this also works well with breakfast pitas) why risk things going stale or mouldy if when you put it into the toaster it will defrost anyways! For sandwiches, it is a little tricker. Personally now, I keep out enough for 2-3 sandwiches and freeze the rest – truthfully, because I am not always the best at remembering to take out two slices the night before! But! if you work or go to school somewhere that you don’t have a fridge – consider making your sandwich on frozen bread – it will defrost by lunch – and at the same time will keep the stuff in your sandwich cold.
I also freeze buns and rolls – it is usually a lot cheaper to buy them six at a time, and although I do frequently tell people that it isn’t always smart to buy more to save – if you plan on freezing it – then go for it.
So freezing bread – great way to keep it fresh and avoid the first thing in the morning go to make toast and find the blue-green fuzzies gross out.


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