Posted in September 2010

This evil Cold

It is that time of year again, kids go back to school, and parents bring to work the germs that the kids bring home. I am not sure who exactly gave me this evil cold, but i am sure it was someone who just loves “sharing”. Anyways, i’ve been in bed, not think about food … Continue reading

Ideas from Travels

Notebooks – something that all of us usually have hanging around – weather it be at work or home, most people will have some sort of notebook there just incase you need to keep track of something. When i travel, especially for business, notebooks become my saving grace. From keeping track of people i meet … Continue reading

Mac and cheese

One of my guilty pleasures is mac and cheese. There is something about food you ate as a kid that will make even the worst of days so much better. I go two different ways when i want it. I either make it from scratch, or i take the boxed stuff and add some things … Continue reading

Soup, same problem as cereal?

I was speaking to some of the older woman who live in my building regarding my site the other day. One of the things that came up, which surprised me slightly, was that widows don’t seem to eat cereal for dinner, instead, they can run into a rut of eating soup – and not the … Continue reading

Multiple meals, one pot

Sometimes when the weather gets cooler, there are just certain comfort foods that one craves. For me, the fall weather (and yes i know it isn’t fall, but I am wearing a sweater, so close enough) brings along with it cravings for chilli, and unfortunately, chilli is not one of those things that you can … Continue reading

Coffee for breakfast

So this is a little off topic – but honestly, by the end you will understand where I am going with this one. Until a year ago (and more realistically until about 6 months ago) I rarely ate breakfast. It was something I stopped doing when I was in grade one – when I first … Continue reading

Salad Dressing

This one really surprises me sometimes. People still have this concept that making your own salad dressing is difficult, but honestly, it is probably one of the easiest things in the world to do, that is, once you understand the ratio. Here’s the deal, most commercial salad dressing are 3 parts oil to one part … Continue reading