Soup, same problem as cereal?

I was speaking to some of the older woman who live in my building regarding my site the other day. One of the things that came up, which surprised me slightly, was that widows don’t seem to eat cereal for dinner, instead, they can run into a rut of eating soup – and not the kind they cook themselves – but the boxed or canned stuff. It got me thinking, maybe it isn’t just cereal for dinner that single people seem to turn to when time and effort to cook for one seem too much?
Again, it’s not that the soup is all that bad – or the most part people will get vegetables, some protein (maybe) and at least it is warm (I won’t rant about the salt content of most prepared soups just now). But there is something about food that comes out of a box that just makes me wonder if it really can be dinner? Has our society really made a world where things that you pour out of a box become the norm?
If you read my “coffee for breakfast” post, you might understand my point about boredom with food, and my conversations regarding soup lead me to the same conclusion – most of the woman i spoke with said that they didn’t like eating dinner most nights – most just did it because they were hungry (or were diabetic or needed to take pills and had to eat).
So people, what do you think? is the problem more that people are bored with food? bored with the quick fix meals? are people eating soup and cereal for dinner not because they don’t have the time, but because they are honestly so bored with food that what they eat has more to do with the have tos than the want tos?


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