Ideas from Travels

Notebooks – something that all of us usually have hanging around – weather it be at work or home, most people will have some sort of notebook there just incase you need to keep track of something. When i travel, especially for business, notebooks become my saving grace. From keeping track of people i meet that i need to follow up with, to jotting down notes regarding ideas that come up in meetings, notebooks save me. But this trip, i used my notebook in a way that i normally save for my kitchen – keeping track of what food ideas worked and which did not. Having a week where one eats out, three meals a day (ok mostly only twice with all the running around, but still) gives me a great time to come up with new recipe ideas, and new twists on recipes that i already do.
This trip was great for that – i do have to say that there are places in Texas that do food in ways i never would have though of (green chillies in spinach! great taste – i never would have thought of it!). It might take me a week or so to try out making some of these recipes for just one person – but stay tuned, because some of them are great!
Take the time to try new things when traveling, you never know what new exciting twist you will learn that you can take home with you and add to your own food adventures in cooking for one!


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