This evil Cold

It is that time of year again, kids go back to school, and parents bring to work the germs that the kids bring home. I am not sure who exactly gave me this evil cold, but i am sure it was someone who just loves “sharing”. Anyways, i’ve been in bed, not think about food for three days now, but it is time that i remind myself that eating is important, and really, to get better my body is going to need energy right?
So, what to make when you feel really nasty? Chicken soup comes to mind, and really, there are some really really simple ways to make something that is eatable and less chemically derived than that stuff that comes out of packets. So, take some chicken broth, bring it to a boil, add in some sliced up ginger (also a great thing to put into tea when you are sick), add in garlic (chopped up finely), and then add in some pasta (spaghetti broken up works well). Boil until the pasta is cooked, add a little bit of lemon if you have it, maybe some parsley, and you have a way better than packet soup, in almost the same amount of time.


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