Posted in October 2010

In season sides, as mains

One of the things that i love about fall (and i know people think i am strange for it) are brussel sprouts. These little cabbage like things are something that i grew up assuming i hated (never tried one after about the age of three) since there seemed to be this social stigma against them, … Continue reading

Turkey Leftovers

If you were lucky enough to be the proud owner of a turkey doggie bag, you are probably thinking that you have enough turkey for a week, but turkey salad sandwiches get old fast! The leftovers are great though, because it cuts down on what you need to do to make a lot of really … Continue reading

Slow cooking

It is probably one of the things that i actually look forward to when the weather starts getting cooler – pulling out my Crock Pot to make slow cooked dinners that are ready the minute that i walk through the door. While i fully admit that it was much easier to make meals this way … Continue reading