Slow cooking

It is probably one of the things that i actually look forward to when the weather starts getting cooler – pulling out my Crock Pot to make slow cooked dinners that are ready the minute that i walk through the door. While i fully admit that it was much easier to make meals this way when i was living with my parents and was cooking for 4 or 5 people, and not just one, i have figured out a couple different meals that do work when cooking for one person.
First thing you need to do, if you do not already have a slow cooker – go find out – BUT – and this is a big but, don’t get that big one that looks like it would hold a turkey. Find one that is on the smaller side (even if it is one of those ones meant for making dips and sauces – it will work when it is only you that you are cooking for.
Second, you need to find recipes that will work – the general rule is, if you like something to be crispy, not for slow cooking. However, if you like it to be fall apart barely have to chew – slow cooking it is.
Ok, so recipes:

Chicken and Olives
In this recipe i would suggest browning the chicken first – it adds flavour.
Chipotle Beef Wrap
Cook the stuffing ingredients in the slow cooking – you will probably need to add extra chipotle in the end (for some reason slow cooking makes things sweeter)
Curried Lentil Soup
This one works without really having to change anything – just stick all the ingredients into the pot
Enough said – this is a slow cooker staple! if you plan on adding meat i would brown it up first (think ground turkey, chicken, beef).
Other tips – most slow cookers have inserts – to save time – put everything into the insert, then into the fridge the night before. That way, in the morning you just pop it in and turn it on. Don’t add as much liquid as you think – not sure how exactly it happens – but slow cookers make lots of liquid. Finally, add more spice than you normally would (with the exception of salt), when things cook slowly, flavour mellows.
So, although the cooler weather is not something i look forward to – the smell of great food when walking in after a long day is something amazing, especially when cooking for one.


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