Sunday Experiment – Dried Lentils

I’ve always been one for taking the easy road when it comes to cook – yes i get on people about cooking, and eating more than cereal for dinner, but when it comes down to it, most of the recipes are really easy and quick to make (because lets me honest people – i am up against 5 minute microwave dinners). So, when someone suggested that i try getting dried instead of canned lentils, i put off trying it for a while (they have been sitting in my cupboard almost a month now). To try and make my life a little easier in this task, i did, however, get “sprouted” lentils. Not sure of the extra health claims on sprouting legumes, but, i did like the “soak for half an hour” instead of hours and hours.
I spent today cleaning, so i figured it was a good day to give it a go. Around 4:30, i dumped some into a bowl and covered with water – took my dog for a walk and when i was back, they looked soaked (i guess, wasn’t sure, but the water changed colour, and they looked bigger than before). Next, i cooked them according to the instructions, which in this case was 20 minutes of boiling. After 20 minutes, i tested, and they were done (i was kinda surprised to be honest) and the taste – so much better than the canned stuff – honestly – really was amazed, they got this slight cheese flavour to them – were so good!
Now for the fun part! what did i make with them…Spiced Pork Chop with Lentils.


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