Holiday Recovery – Part 2

Raise your hand if you don’t have either the evil cold or really nasty flu that is going around….not many of you out there can say you don’t, or aren’t recovering from it, huh?
So what exactly does this have to do with holiday recovery and food? The honest truth on this one, if you asked me a year ago i would have said nothing, but in the past couple months, more and more i am starting to realize that eating and stress have so much to do with getting sick….does anyone else notice that the people around the office who tend to get sick are the same people who are either eating complete crap on a daily basis or who are on some sort of weird fad i only eat things that start with letter “s” on thursday diet?
i’m not an expert, but it does make a lot of sense, feed yourself well, get all the vitamins and minerals you need naturally, and you body will be a happy happy place that doesn’t wear down when nasty bugs decide they want to come for a visit.
Think of it this way – you know those relatives that you always wish you didn’t have to see but a couple times a year you have to? don’t you deal with them better when you aren’t tired and worn out? Nasty germs are the same way – if your body isn’t stressed and worn out, then it’s going to deal with the “visitors” so much better.
Now onto the food part – if you don’t feel like eating a whole lot, there is still little things you can do. My fav this week has been chicken stock/broth with ginger, lemon, and hot sauce – something about it just seems to make my chest feel better (and yes, i do have a cold and this is a pot calling the kettle black moment), but remember, once you want to eat, do it well because a happy body is a healthy one.


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