Why i cook and not bake

I’ll admit it, i don’t follow directions. Not that i am not capable of doing so (although i have used that excuse in the past) but basically it comes down to this – i look at a recipe and think, “well instead of this, i’ll use that” and “i don’t think that that is really necessary” and in the end, if i am baking, it can end in disaster.
Cooking is much more forgiving, and most of the recipes i post here end up being me making something a couple times, liking it, and thinking, “maybe i should write down what i did” but in all honesty, chances are what i wrote down isn’t exactly how i did it the time before, and probably won’t be the same the next time i make it.
I think of it this way, my sister is an engineer, and she can bake if you give her a recipe. I was always more of an “artsy” child, and measurements take too much time!
Anyone else feel that way? that cooking is more creative and baking is more rules?


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