Lazy Summer No Cook Days

There is something about summer that just seems to make everything move a little slower. Maybe it’s the heat, or maybe it is just that the sun is making everyone happier, but one thing i find – getting “chores” done when it is so amazingly nice outside just doesn’t happen, and unfortunately, sometimes making dinner falls into this category.

But summer is also the time when fresh (not shipped for days on end on boats) produce is around – and a lot less expensive than it is in the winter so take the time to stop and smell the veggies.

Take tonight for instance, i didn’t get home until 8pm – was a little on the cranky side (my last coffee was at 10am, and people that know me know i am NOT happy without it) and really tired from Monday meetings – cooking was honestly the last thing i wanted to do, but i was hungry, and i know the importances of eating, so i looked in the fridge – broccoli, some left over chicken…and sriracha (aka rooster sauce) – so i did this, cut up the chicken, add in some chopped up broccoli, add the rooster, and… became a cold stir fry (or i guess stir toss).

Another of my favs at this time of year is anything beans – bean salad is super simple and tastes really good (not to mention fibrelicious). I made some saturday, but realized that i was out of vinegar – looked through the fridge and saw a jar of pickled jalapeno peppers – added a little of the brine to the beans, then some olive oil, green onion and OMG it was amazing, and done in less than 5 minutes (including vinegar searching time)

So i say, be lazy and don’t cook, because there are a million things that you can throw together without cooking at all. My challenge to you, find one thing that you can make that takes the same time as pouring a bowl of cereal with milk, you will be surprised how truly easy it is.


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