I woke up this morning and was cold – strange to be saying that after so many weeks of complaining how ridiculously hot it was, but i put on a hoody before going to make my morning coffee.
It was there in the kitchen that the cold reminded me of something i’ve always found very comforting – lentils. It’s not something that i typically make in the summer months – something about making things that need to be simmered makes me think fall/winter, but I had a craving, and those of you that know me know that when i get a craving, i better eat what it is my body wants or it gets ugly.
For this recipe i used dried lentils – i haven’t mastered the soaking of the beans yet, but lentils are fairly easy if you plan a bit in advance – and because it was in the morning that is exactly what i did.

3/4 cup lentils covered with
water then put into the
fridge until that night.

When i arrived home i sliced up:

a carrot, a clove of garlic,
and a bit of onion (about a
1/4 cup)

Into a hot pot with a little bit
of olive oil, stirring until you
smell the garlic.

Add in the lentils add water or
chicken stock until everything
is covered. Cover the pot with
a lid and turn the temp to
medium-low. Stir every 5 mins
for until most of the water gets
absorbed. (about 20 mins)

Chop up some parsley
(about 1/4 cup when chopped)

And grate 1oz of swiss

Add cheese and parsley into
the pot and stir until the
cheese melts

Then the most important
part – enjoy a comforting
more than cereal meal for


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