Butternut and Carrot Soup

Fall is here, and as much as i hate that that means winter is not far behind, i do love fall veggies. Squashes, and beets and brussel spouts! i love them all (yes i know i am weird, but i do!).
During this week’s shopping trip i came across a gem – a little itty bitty butter nut squash! I fell in love! it isn’t often i get the chance to eat squash, reason? it doesn’t come in single serving size that often, and it isn’t in the salad bar so i can’t use my buy what i need trick. But here it was. (that is a one cup measuring cup)

So i peeled and chopped the lil cutie squash, and chopped up two carrots too (it was an orange kinda day).

Then i added a clove of garlic and some olive oil into a pot.

Then added in the carrots and the squash, added a little salt and pepper, stirred a minute or two, and covered (just barely) with water.
After about half an hour i used a stick blender (regular blender works, or even a potato masher) and blended it all up (i like carrot chunks though so i didn’t over do it). For an extra treat, sprinkle a little parm on the top. Great fall more than cereal dinner for one.


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