What I learned lying on my back this week

So my last post talked about the importance of sometimes taking a day to cook up a storm so that you had easy throw together meals for during the week. You know what? last weekend i was busy, and i didn’t take my advice. Sure i had some left over food that i could somewhat throw together creatively – but the problem i ran into – i couldn’t stand up long enough to be able to throw it together.
I did something kinda stupid things week and ended up doing a number on my lower back (being picked up off the floor by a VP at work was definitely not a highlight of my career) and i’ve spent the better part of this week either laying on the floor staring at the ceiling or spending time at the chiropractors office. Cooking has been out of the question – not only because of the pain, but because i fear at this point it would have been dangerous – what if something was burning and i couldn’t get up in time?
i’ve had to rely on others for food – and being single – it’s meant calling my sister, or a neighbour and having to have them come over to help. Wouldn’t have been such a big deal if i had food – i could have just asked someone to reheat something, but instead i found myself trying to explain how to make food and frequently eating something i really didn’t want or like.
so why am i telling you this? when you are cooking for one it is not because you are the only person eating – it is because you are the only person. Have a plan – have emergency food that will not take much effort to make because the truth is, eating balanced, and eating healthy is up to you – and being hurt or sick should not be an excuse not to.


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