Busy Business Travel: Why cooking for yourself when you get home is so important

I’ve been traveling for the last week, finally leaving to go home later today. Throughout this time i’ve been enjoying the fact that i haven’t had to cook for myself, i’ve had plenty of great meals all prepared for me at great restaurants, and even had hotel staff chasing after me with plates of food when they knew i was doing things during lunch (the staff at the Hilton Clearwater are GREAT). But the truth is, i miss making my own food, and as careful as i am about eating healthy while traveling – sometimes things like oreo cookies around breakfast or 11pm cheese burgers happen. (it’s a running around like a crazy woman thing)
Although after a couple trips of asking for advice on avoiding “travel tummy” i have this travel thing down to an art (eat yogurt, and lots of fibre) but i still come back not feeling completely myself (because really, who eats like them selves while traveling). The thing that i found works best for a speedy recovery is getting back into a routine – there is always a temptation when you are tired, and come home to an empty fridge to take a day or two (or 3 or 4) before grocery shopping and just live in takeout or cereal. I’ve done that, and it’s never ended well.
Best thing to do – make a plan before you leave to have something easy to make for the first day (think of things that you can keep and won’t go bad – my kidney bean and tuna salad recipe comes to mind. That way even if you get home later than you thought, you don’t have to worry about groceries right away. The next day, make a list of the meals you want that week and create a grocery list(remember that if you are like me you most likely currently only have pickles and hot sauce in the fridge). By forcing yourself back into a routine, you are more likely to feel yourself in no time! Because even though you may be tired and stressed after a long hectic week it’s important to eat more than cereal.


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