A dinner of ones, for one

I came home for lunch today and thought that since i was here anyways, that maybe i should do some prep for dinner. The idea that i was going to create an entire meal of “ones” hadn’t hit me yet, but as i started to prepare a marinade for my chicken i started to realize that i was doing something a little strange – the marinade was:

– one jalepeno
– one green onion
– one clove of garlic
– juice of one lime
– one tbsp of olive oil

i put everything through the mini-blender thing and added it to:

-one bone-in chicken breast

and marinaded it for one afternoon.

This evening, when i got home, i figured, why not keep with the one thing – thought that a kale salad would be great (i ended up with way too much kale and red cabbage this week). I started with the salad dressing:

– one tsp of lemon juice
– one tsp of olive oil
– one tsp of a whole grain mustard
– one tsp of maple syrup

and the salad consisted of:

– one cup of kale (chopped finely)
– one cup of red cabbage (also chopped finely)
– one carrot (not so finely chopped)

The one chicken breast was baked at 400F for about half an hour, and i bet it would be great grilled too (cooking time depends on the size, use a meat thermometer to avoid half raw chicken) and the salad, a simple toss and serve.

Pretty simple huh? and not easy to forget – an all ones, more than cereal, cooking for one, dinner.


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