Warning: This is a rant

There was a time in my life that i would laugh at the cartoon above, but the truth is, now it makes me sad. Why? because it is true – how many of you have had a moment of self hatred when you stepped on the scale? i know i have in the past – … Continue reading

Butternut and Carrot Soup

Fall is here, and as much as i hate that that means winter is not far behind, i do love fall veggies. Squashes, and beets and brussel spouts! i love them all (yes i know i am weird, but i do!). During this week’s shopping trip i came across a gem – a little itty … Continue reading


I woke up this morning and was cold – strange to be saying that after so many weeks of complaining how ridiculously hot it was, but i put on a hoody before going to make my morning coffee. It was there in the kitchen that the cold reminded me of something i’ve always found very … Continue reading

Meatless Mondays

This is one food trend that i am loving! I’ve always tried to eat a couple meat free meals throughout the week – but when it comes to cooking for one, truth is, the meat is usually the easier part of the meal (although the packages aren’t single server, the actual piece of meat usually … Continue reading

Lazy Summer No Cook Days

There is something about summer that just seems to make everything move a little slower. Maybe it’s the heat, or maybe it is just that the sun is making everyone happier, but one thing i find – getting “chores” done when it is so amazingly nice outside just doesn’t happen, and unfortunately, sometimes making dinner … Continue reading

Strange and Funny Food Comments

A couple weeks ago i was killing myself laughing at a twitter conversation between myself and a few of my followers – the topic? hilarious things that people say about food – some just strange, some just so backwards that you have no clue how someone could think that was correct, and some that everyone … Continue reading

Easter – Part 2

I have garlic breath! So after marinading over night, the lamb was cooked – i am going to give people a couple options here – i ended up using a charcoal grill, direct heat, and cooked it for about 45 minutes…but not everyone has that option (or is willing to smell like they were stuck … Continue reading

Easter – Part 1

There are times when i love cooking for more than one, and holidays give me that chance. Certain foods (a lamb leg for instance) can never really be a “for one meal” (unless you are a teenage boy). That being said, there are things you can do with lamb for one person – see the … Continue reading