Memories and losses

This week ended up being one of many losses. I lost a friend to cancer, and we lost the family cottage to a forest fire. As my mind has tried to make senses of losses, and the irony that life will never slow down enough to not make you dizzy, i’ve started to realize that … Continue reading

Do what it takes to make things easier

My birthday was earlier this month. Every year i make a decision to get something that i have been putting off but really want/need (last year was new flooring). This year, i decided it was time to replace the dishwasher that broke over 3 years ago. I went back and forth on this decision for … Continue reading

A dinner of ones, for one

I came home for lunch today and thought that since i was here anyways, that maybe i should do some prep for dinner. The idea that i was going to create an entire meal of “ones” hadn’t hit me yet, but as i started to prepare a marinade for my chicken i started to realize … Continue reading

Beef and Mushroom Stew

Every year around this time i get a craving for stew. That warm, soothing, everything is soft yumminess makes the dark, wet, coldness just that little more bearable. For this particular recipe, it is perfect for one person who is hungry, or two if you add in crusty bread (or one dinner and a lunch … Continue reading